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1. 目前已和UC San Diego Library合作,圖書館將會優先數位存取台美史料中心網頁內的照片,讓相關史料能存入圖書館的資料庫中已獲得更為廣泛的運用。


2. 已與San Diego當地一家電腦軟體公司合作優化台美史料中心的網頁,目前將會優先改善Who’s Who的頁面,如增加搜尋機制和相關版面調整,讓頁面更易於瀏覽和搜尋。




The contact email: ta.archives.center@gmail.com




TA Archives’ Current Improvement Steps



Dear Friends,


Thanks for supporting Taiwanese American Archives. We would like to briefly outline current steps what TA Archives is trying to improve for our website:


1. The Progress of the TA Archives Migration to UCSD: UCSD Library will first migrate the Photo Albums Section from TA Archives and integrate them into the digital resources for academic research beginning in September.


2. Readjust the TA Archives website: We cooperate with a software company in San Diego to readjust our website. We would first improve the page of TA bio entries (Who's Who) to make information easily be searched and user-friendly beginning this summer.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address


The contact email: ta.archives.center@gmail.com


Best Regards,

TA Archives Team

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