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     UC San Diego Library 已開始彙整台美史料中心的照片資料,待整合完成之後,將匯入圖書館資料庫資源,提供更多讀者使用。另外,我們也將著手進行Who’s who的後續改版,希望能提供更加完善的資料給所有使用者。同時,也將持續和 UC San Diego 討論空間使用規劃,期待能於UC San Diego 展示台美人捐獻的寶貴文物。




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TA Archives’ future Steps


Dear Friends,


Happy Holiday Season! Thanks for supporting Taiwanese American Archives. We would like to briefly outline current steps that TA Archives is trying to do:


The programmer from UCSD Library is now integrating the Photo Albums Section from TA Archives into UCSD Library’s digital database for academic research. The next step for TA Archives is to remodel the Who’s who section. We will create a new format for the Who’s Who section. We want to increase the materials, design new formats, and establish an editorial board to maintain the Who’s who section. In addition, we are negotiating with UCSD to find a space to exhibit the special collections from Taiwanese Americans. We hope to provide more activities and exhibitions of Taiwanese Americans in UCSD.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address


The contact email:


Best Regards,

TA Archives Team

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