2176. Prof. Edith Chen 陳怡迪教授

English Name Prof. Edith Chen  

漢文名 陳怡迪教授
Birth Year(Year only)
Birth Place
First year / First city / state arrived U.S. Year: –
City: – State:-
Present Address Illinois
Family 1. Husband: –
2. Daughter: –
3. Son: –
4. Father: Chun-Fan Chen ; Mother: May Miu-Mei Wu Chen
Education 1. University of California, Los Angeles     Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
2. Harvard University B.A. in History of Science
Employment 1. Northwestern University 2012-present


Faculty Fellow and the

Professor of Psychology

2. University of British Columbia 2003-2012 Professor of Psychology and the Canada Research Chair in Health and Society
3. Washington University 2000-2003 Assistant Professor
Accomplishment 1.Co-Director of the Foundations of Health Research Center at Northwestern University
2. A Tenured Professor in The Psychology Department at The University of British Columbia 2003-2012
3. The Canada Research Chair in Health and Society 2003-2012
4. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of Psychology and A Faculty Fellow at The Institute for Policy Research of Northwestern University 2012- present
5. The Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Health Psychology from The American Psychological Association
6. The Young Investigator Award from The Society of Behavioral Medicine
7. The Donald K. Routh Early Career Award from The Society of Pediatric Psychology
8. Outstanding Taiwanese American Elected by T.A. Archives in 01/2019


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