3. LIGHTMED Corporation 承賢科技


Today, LightMed products are sold in over 100 countries globally through an exclusive independent distributor network, as well as its direct LightMed subsidiaries in USA (HQ – San Clemente CA; Sales, Manufacturing and R&D), Taiwan (Taipei; R&D and Manufacture), Japan (Tokyo; Sales), and direct presence in Australia, Oman, and Poland.

LightMed brand is being increasingly recognized and associated with excellence in technology, quality, and superior customer care. Emerging as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of a ophthalmic medical lasers, now expanding to field of Dentistry, Dermatology and Aesthetics.





We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality through an intelligent manufacturing model, product development, and we do our absolute utmost to provide unmatched levels of product and clinical expertise and support to our customers. All of these combined efforts translate the highest levels of customer satisfaction, complemented by the best value in the ophthalmic industry.

LightMed also maintains its business by important affiliations with other leading brands in Ophthalmology (such as Lumenis Inc., Optos Plc.,) by supplying them LightMed’s manufactured devices under and OEM label).

LightMed’s business philosophy is to provide our distribution partners and customers the “industry’s best value for ophthalmic laser and complementary device solutions”.

We achieve this by consolidating the most competitive prices, with the highest levels of technology, and allowing our distribution partners to achieve easier sales or attain much higher profit margins and market share that if representing any other laser manufacturer.







LightMed’s manufacturing and global head offices are conveniently located in Taipei (Taiwan), and San Clemente CA, USA.

LightMed Corporation: Established in 1998 primarily due to close ties and proximity to the hi-tech industry that exists there. Such enables LightMed ready access to high quality, and advanced technologies and materials.

A further source of competitive edge is the combination of regional and geographic factors. LightMed’s location in Taipei, is a fairly low cost manufacturing country, but with high technical and academic skills of very high order with highly ethical manufacturing practices.

LightMed USA: Established in 2014 with R&D, Sales Marketing, and Manufacturing strategically focused to create a premium product line of LightMed, aimed to deliver a product line and enhanced brand recognition as “made in USA”.



2014年起,為了創立高階品牌產品線,在美國加州建立研發製造中心-LightMed USA,致力於生產更優質的高科技醫療產品,並朝向“Made in USA”品牌識別而努力。


Our mission is to develop precise, leading-edge, and beneficial medical lasers with world-class customer service to improve outcomes and patient quality of life. We strive and are dedicated to our business in an ethical, honest, and collaborative manner.

We are committed to doing business responsibly and conducting ourselves in ways that earn the trust and respect of our customers, partners and suppliers.