792. Liu-Hsiung Chuang 莊六雄 / 2016/01

Name 莊六雄 博士 Personal picture
  Dr. Liu-Hsiung Chuang
Birth Year
Birth Place
First year, first city and state arrived in the U.S.
Family 1. Wife: –
  2.Daughter: –
  3.Son: –
Education 1. National Taiwan University 1961 B.S. Economics
  2. National Taiwan University 1965 M.A. Economics
  3. Brigham Young University 1968 M.S. Economics
  4. Stanford University 1975 Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
Employment 1. US Department of Agriculture – present Senior Program Analyst
Accomplishment 1. President, Taiwanese American Association, D.C. Chapter 1981
  2. President and Chairman of the Institute for International Development Studies since 1992
  3. President of the NATPA D.C. Chapter 2001
  4. President and Board Chairman of the Taiwanese American Science and Technology Association since 2002
Publication(Non-professional ones)
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