6. Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises, Inc. 許氏參業集團



Introduction to Hsu’s Ginseng

Welcome to Hsu’s Ginseng and the products we proudly represent. Since 1974, Hsu’s has set the standards for quality, purity and customer support which has enabled us in to be a World leader in American ginseng and its associated products.
Much has changed from the early years of Hsu’s Ginseng and we are proud to maintain our old fashion company values and dedication to quality. We take pleasure in this opportunity to show you how we can enhance your well-being. Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises, Inc. and Hsu Ginseng Farms are located in the heart of American ginseng country, Wausau Wisconsin. To learn more about what we believe and see more about us, visit our Hsu Ginseng Youtube and Facebook pages.

Hsu Ginseng Farms is one of the World’s most successful, American ginseng growing operations. We are located just north of Wausau Wisconsin USA where we operate on more than 1000 acres of virgin ginseng soil. Paul C. Hsu entered the cultivation of American Ginseng in 1972 when he found a marketplace that was demanding the unique properties of Central Wisconsin’s American ginseng. Hsu Ginseng Farms has since become a proud, second generation farming operation, constantly exceeding the expectations needed to grow this historical and mythical plant.