18. Sung-Peng Hsu 徐頌鵬


English Name Dr. Sung-Peng Hsu  





漢文名 徐頌鵬博士
Birth Year 1938
Birth Place 台灣 桃園 中壢
First year, first city and state in the U.S. 1962, Princeton, NJ
Address MD
Family 1. Wife:林慧美
2. Daughter:徐佩雯
3. Son:徐良愷
Education 1. National Taiwan Univ. 1960 B.A., Philosophy
2. Princeton Theological Seminary 1965 B.D., Christian theology
3. Princeton Theological Seminary 1966 Th.M., Christian theology
4. Univ. of Pennsylvania 1970 Ph.D., World Religious
Employment 1. Univ. of Delaware Professor
2. Univ. of Northern Iowa Professor
3. MGC Diagnostics


Computer software engineer
Website or Blog http://www.worldreligionsjourney.com/

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