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  • Bio information for the “Who’s Who”

There were 358,000 Taiwanese Americans in 2010 and there are only 2,310 names collected under the “Who’s Who” of our website.  It has not been easy to convince people to provide Bio information. You do not need to be very successful or famous.  If you consider yourself a Taiwanese American, could you download and fill out the form on https://taiwaneseamericanhistory.org/blog/2212-blank-bio-form/ or just send the text information with one of your favorite photos to the Archive’s email address?

If your Bio is already collected on our website, we thank you. Please review and let us know if any updates are needed.

  • Recent Posts
783. 戴琪:拜登提名任貿易代表的「中國通」華裔律師是誰?/01/2021

2. 蕭美琴出席拜登就職典禮,1979年來首次正式獲邀Taiwan's top envoy to U.S. Hsiao Bi-khim attended Biden's inauguration

169. 偏鄉孩子牙齒的守護者--門諾林賜聰醫師不捨孩子蛀牙/01/2021

1. 美國國務院宣布取消美台交往限制Lifting Self-Imposed Restrictions on the U.S.-Taiwan Relationship/01/09/2021

  • Donation in January

1. 《心緒森林》by Dr. Biing Lin Lee 李秉林博士

2. 《那年夏天》 donated by 蔡淑媛(翠屏) Susan Tsay

3. 《台美人生活心聲》donated by北加州東灣台美人長樂會

4. 《台美人天涯遊蹤》donated by北加州東灣台美人長樂會

5. 《東灣台美人長樂會五週年紀念冊》donated by北加州東灣台美人長樂會

  • An Oil Painting Collected

“余忠村博士與布袋戲偶Dr. Rex Yu, with Taiwanese Hand Puppet”
by Nami Yang (李淑櫻)Oil on canvas, 16” x 20”

  • Translation from Hanji to English

Could you translate your Hanji articles on our website to English? You would be the best person to translate your own article.  With our small team trying to translate many thousands of articles into English would take a long time. Even with Google Translate, we still need a lot of efforts to make it better.  If many of you could help, we will have more articles to share with our younger generations sooner. 


  • Looking for WordPress Experts

After seven years, there are almost 10,000 posts on our website. We are working on reorganizing all the collected data, and finding a better way to display them on the website. If you are a WordPress expert and could help us with your suggestions, please let us know.


  • Progress in January 2021

There are 41 new subjects collected in January and the total posts are 9495.


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