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     我們將和UC San Diego 的台灣研究中心做更深度的合作,會共同探討和記錄台美人的歷史、文化和相關研究。另外,於五月中旬,我們也將原先於中心的藏書移轉到UC San Diego Library。待圖書館編目完成之後,可以讓更多使用者看到記錄台美人的相關藏書。同時,我們也持續徵求更多先進共同參與 Who’s Who編輯委員會,希望能訊提供更完善、更充足的台美人資訊給所用使用者。若有意願參與Who’s Who編輯委員會的先進、或者想推薦人選參與編輯委員會,也煩請email告知我們,以利我們後續和您聯繫!



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TA Archives’ current plans and goal


Dear Friends,


Thank you for supporting Taiwanese American Archives. We would like to briefly outline current steps that TA Archives is trying to undertake:


The TA Archive will integrate with UCSD Taiwan Studies Center. We will do more research and studies about the history, culture, and contributions of the Taiwanese Americans. In addition, we plan to move the books to UCSD Library around the mid of May. After categorized, users can search and find those books from UCSD Library’s website. In the meanwhile, we are still looking for the people to join the editorial board for the Who’s who entries. If you are willing to be the editorial board members or want to recommend someone to join the board, please email us your information. We will contact you.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address


The contact email:


Best Regards,

TA Archives Team

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