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     謝謝您們多年來對台美史料中心的支持,我們也將秉持初衷,持續搜集並展現更豐富、多元的台美人史料和資訊。隨著台美史料中心即將搬遷到University of California San Diego,並交由其「台灣研究中心」持續運作,我們收到許多朋友的鼓勵並詢問後續的規劃。台美史料中心深深感謝各方的祝福和支持,並對於後續的規劃提供簡略地說明如下:


1. 除了持續豐富網站內的資訊,也將微調網頁的呈現方式,讓網頁畫面能更易於閱覽,如於Who’s Who新增搜尋機制,讓使用者能透過職業、居住地、教育背景等資訊來搜尋。並且,UC San Diego Library 也會數位收藏台美史料中心網頁內的照片史料,讓相關資訊能獲得更多的運用。


2. 對於各方捐贈的台美人重要文物,台美史料中心也將和UC San Diego討論,於San Diego尋找合適的地方妥善收藏文物,並開放給大眾參觀。


3. 台美史料中心也將持續擴大與台美人和各個台灣社團的交流,例如舉辦台美人新書發表、音樂會、台灣電影展、及台美人紀錄片的規劃。希望能多元呈現台美人豐富文化的特色。




The contact email: ta.archives.center@gmail.com




TA Archives’ Next Step


As Taiwanese American Archives is now being moved to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), we received much support from friends. Many friends also have questions about what TA Archives would do for the next step. We briefly outline few steps what TA Archives would do in the near future:


1. The Progress of the TA Archives Migration to UCSD:

     a) UCSD Library will migrate the Photo Albums Section from TA Archives and integrate them into the digital resources for academic research.

     b) We will readjust the website to make it more compatible and user-friendly. For example, add the filter function in the category of TA bio entries (Who's Who) to make information easily be searched.


2. Preserve the TA Special Collections in San Diego: We would negotiate with UCSD to find a space to preserve and exhibit the special collections to open the archives to the public in digital and museological formats.


3. Taiwan Center at UCSD will collaborate with Taiwan's leading research universities, libraries, and museums to bring in artists, visiting scholars, among many others, to give public talks, to show their artworks or documentary films, to launch books on Taiwan/Taiwanese American, and to organize multiple events. Hope to bring more events that would help make Taiwanese American communities more visible.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address


The contact email: ta.archives.center@gmail.com


Best Regards,

TA Archives Team

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