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     陳敏(Albert Chen)先生榮獲印第安納州2023Sachem Award,表彰陳先生對社區、印州的貢獻。





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Dear Friends,

    Happy New Year! In this month's newsletter, we provide a brief illustration of some articles recently posted on our website:

    Indiana Gov. Eric J. Holcomb honored Albert Chen, the founder and board chair for Indiana-based Telamon Corporation with the 2023 Sachem Award. The Governor gives the Sachem annually to recognize an individual whose lifetime of excellence and moral virtue has brought credit and honor to Indiana.

    The message from the founding director, Professor Ping-hui, Liao, from UCSD’s Center of Taiwan Studies indicates the center’s achievements in 2023 and points out the center’s new goal and events in 2024.

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