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     我們已將原先收藏於中心的書籍移轉UC San Diego Library,待圖書館編目完成之後,可以讓更多使用者看到記錄台美人的相關藏書。後續,我們也將整理原先收藏於中心的報紙、雜誌等文物,希望能更加妥善的保存和利用這些珍貴的史料和文物。


     此外,UC San Diego Library 已解析完成台美史料中心網站上的照片,目前在最後校正階段,待後續校正完成,將可開放給大眾線上閱覽。




The contact email:




TA Archives’ current plans and goal


Dear Friends,


Thank you for supporting Taiwanese American Archives. We would like to briefly outline current steps that TA Archives is trying to undertake:


The TA Archive will integrate with UCSD Taiwan Studies Center. We have moved the books to UCSD Library in May. After cataloged, users can search and find those books from UCSD Library’s website. In addition, The programmer from UCSD Library almost finish integrating the Photo Albums Section from TA Archives into UCSD Library’s digital database for academic research. After the final reviews and adjustment, we will post all the pictures on the UCSD Library digital database.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address


The contact email:


Best Regards,

TA Archives Team

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