12. Making sense of the blacklist experience

Inviting you to the research “Making sense of the blacklist experience”

I was not aware of the so-called “blacklist” until I came to the U.S. for my graduate degrees. Being a gerontologist, I’ve always interested in how earlier life events affect older adults over time, personally and collectively (e.g., with family, work, and other social aspects). Most of the life histories and studies about blacklist have been focused on political movements over the years. However, little is known how blacklist experiences personally affect the individuals who fought for Taiwan’s democracy and freedom of speech, how the process affects their families and other aspects of life. Hope this would help future generations to overcome political, social, and various challenges in life. I appreciate your interest and volunteer for this study. Please do not hesitate to contact me (310-945-8631 or hanju1k@cmich.edu).


Sincerely, Han-Jung Ko (Koko) 柯涵容
Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Department of Human Environmental Studies, Central Michigan University


誠摯邀情您參與研究“ 探索過往黑名單經驗對美裔台灣中老年人生命的意義”

直到我到美國來念研究所,我才瞭解到曾經有黑名單的存在。 我本身是受老年學(Gerontology)的訓練, 一直在思考與探索人生的經驗對老年人的個人,家庭, 及其他生活方面的影響。 雖然目前已有黑名單相關的口述歷史及其他研究, 大部分的研究著眼在黑名單與政治運動的發展, 極少數的研究探討這些過往為台灣民主及言論自由犧牲付出的個人的 心理及社會層面的發展,與家人的關係,工作等等的影響。因此, 我希望繼由此研究,可以幫助未來的世代從前輩的經驗中學習。 很感激各位長輩願意參與此項研究,請隨時聯絡我(310- 945-8631或是hanju1k@cmich.edu).


柯涵容 Han-Jung Ko (Koko) 敬上

美國中密西根大學教育與人群服務學院, 人類發展與家庭科學助理教授