134. Joshepine Chuang 莊靜怡, Vocalist / 2015/02

Joshepine Chuang 莊靜怡, Vocalist

莊靜怡Joshepine Chuang is a graduate of Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, majoring in Vocal, minoring in piano. In 1993, she received her master degree in education from USC. She has studied vocal under Professor C. Kim and Professor Y.C. Lin since she was in high school. Mr. Chuang has been featured as soloist with several chorales in Los Angeles. Recently, she has been involved in conducting the children’s choir at Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, North Orange County, and Taiwanese American School in South Bay.

莊靜怡,畢業於台灣輔仁大學,主修聲樂,副修鋼琴,就讀 於北一女期間,即跟隨金慶雲教授學習聲樂,大學時期,師事林 玉卿教授,畢業後來美,於南加大取得教育碩士。 曾多次應邀演出,擔任獨唱角色。現任教於恩惠兒童合唱團, 北橙縣兒童合唱團,南灣台美學校及智慧中文學校。


Source from Saint Paul by Joint Formosan Presbyterian Church Choir / 1995/01