143. Judy Ching Fang Wu 吳青芳, Cellist / 2015/02

Judy Ching Fang Wu 吳青芳, Cellist

吳青芳Dr. Wu received her Doctor of Musical Arts in Cello performance from the University of Texas at Austin. Studied with the renowned cello professor, Phyllis Young, and taught as a Teaching Assistant in the String Department and String Project at UT. Second Prize winner of the 2nd Annual WRR Chamber Music Competition in 2005. Accumulated over 10 years of teaching experience.

吳青芳為大提琴家,於德州奧斯汀大學取得音樂博士。多年在台灣及美國學習大提琴演奏,曾師事 Professor Phyllis Young 並擔任其教學助理。二零零五年WRR室內樂大賽獎項得主,有十多年的教學及演奏經驗。


Source from https://www.newheartmusic.org/t/NHDiplomaProgram