1619. Steven Wu 巫石增 / 2017/04

Name 巫石增 博士  
  Dr. Steven Wu
Birth Year -1998
Birth Place 台灣
First year, first city and state arrived in the U.S. 1966/-/-
Address Huntsville/AL
Family 1. Wife: 秀妹
  2.Daughter: ???
  3.Son: ???
Education 1.台北工專 B.S.
  2.University of Kansas Ph.D.電機工程
Employment 1.Kansas Black & Votech Consulting Firm Year-Year??? Position???
  2.NASA Johnson Space Center Year-Year??? Position???
  3. NASA John Stennis Center Year-Year??? Position???
  4.NASA Marshall Space Flight Center    
Accomplishment 1.FAPA阿拉巴馬州分會首任會長, 1994
  2.Huntsville台灣同鄉會會長, 1995
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Source from 台灣公論報第1626期02/1998