19. Lynn Huang 黃令先, Composer, Pianist/2014/10

Lynn Huang 黃令先, Composer, Pianist


Lynn Huang is an active musician in the Taiwanese American communities in southern California. Stems from her multicultural background, her composition blended elements of classical and jazz and were drawn from rich traditional Taiwanese folk songs. She has arranged many pop music and religious songs for popular Taiwanese star singer Ms. Christine Hsu. Many such songs were also collected in her album “Green Pastures”. Lynn’s music has been publicly performed frequently in Taiwan, German and U. S. A.

In 2003 Lynn and two other musicians formed the “Rhapsody Trio”. They were frequently invited to perform in various occasions. They had been invited to perform at the Taiwanese American Conference West /East Coast in July 2013 and 2014 respectively. In 2011,their first album “Cheers! Taiwan Folks with Rhapsody Trio” was pub¬lished by ARCHIMUSIC Production Co., Ltd. Their second Album “Uncertainty” has been published in 2013. Her composition was praised by critics of major newspapers.

Ms. Lynn Huang is the composer and pianist of Rhapsody Trio, Music Director of Elite Music Foundation. She is a member of Music Teacher’s Association of California and a member of American Society of Composer, Author and Publisher.

黃令先是洛杉磯僑界非常活躍的青年作曲家及鋼琴演奏家。她的創作融合古典與爵士音樂的元素,並取材於台灣 傳統之民謠作品,充分呈現台美人多重文化的背景。她曾為台灣著名的歌星許景淳改編許多流行音樂與宗教音樂, 並收錄於專輯「青草地上」。黃令先的作品已被演奏於美國、德國及台灣各大小音樂會,深受各大報樂評之重視與 好評。

黃令先與另兩位來自台灣的音樂家於2003年組成狂想三重奏,於美、亞洲各地演奏百餘場。其中2013、2014年受邀在 美西、美東台灣人夏令會演出,盛況空前。2011年由雅砌唱片公司錄製並發行「Cheers!狂想」專輯,今年推出「狂 想的冀望」專輯。深受好評,獲得廣大樂迷的迴想。

黃令先現任狂想三重奏作曲家與鋼琴演奏家、以立音樂基金會音樂總監、美音基金會音樂總監、加州音樂教師協會 會員亦為美國音樂著作權協會的會員。