2. The TungFa Chorus 大華府客家桐花合唱團/2014/10

The TungFa Chorus 大華府客家桐花合唱團

Tunghua_ChorusThe TungFa Chorus began two years ago when several Hakka fellows conceived the idea of starting a singing group to celebrate and share the Hakka culture with others through the Hakka music. This theme is further honored in the name TungFa Chorus, which comes from the beautiful white and red Tung Flower that covers the hill side of North Central Taiwan in spring, their petals dancing on the wind like fragrant snowflakes. The TungFa Chorus’ goal is to share the Hakka culture and promote cross-cultural understanding through the music. Since its inception, the TungFa chorus has continued to grow through the enthusiastic participation of its members, volunteers, and the support of the Hakka community.