211. Jolie Lin 林姝秀, Pianist / 2015/06

Jolie Lin 林姝秀, Pianist

林姝秀Pianist Jolie Lin is a performer, lecturer, and pedagogue of Western classical music. Her musical activities have spanned four continents, from the Americas to Europe and Asia. Dr. Lin has presented lectures in Singapore and Spain under the auspices of the Presser Award and multiple career grants from the Peabody Conservatory. She has also toured with the Youth Orchestra of the Americas in South America and participated in numerous musical festivals in Europe, among them Rencontres musicales en Lorraine, Sommerklavierkurs in Fellbach, and the International Chamber Music Course in Positano. Solo appearances with orchestra include the Los Angeles Bach Festival Orchestra, Conejo Youth Symphony Orchestra, UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, Crowden School Orchestra, Lviv Chamber Orchestra, and the Metropolitan Orchestra of Washington, D.C.

Dr. Lin holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, Indiana University, Bloomington, and Peabody Conservatory, where she received her doctorate in piano performance. Her principal teachers are Rosemary Carswell, Sharon Mann, Evelyne Brancart, and Boris Slutsky. She is on faculty at Peabody Conservatory, Northern Virginia Community College, and the Baltimore School for the Arts, and has judged for events for both the Howard County and Greater Baltimore County Music Teachers’ Associations.

擁有琵琶第音樂學院鋼琴演奏博士的鋼琴家林姝秀為台美人第二代,台語流利並對台灣有著特殊情感。她畢業於加州柏克萊大學,並擁有琵琶第音樂學院鋼琴演奏及音樂學雙碩士及音樂藝術博士學位。她曾任教於巴爾地摩藝術學校(Baltimore School for the Arts)及琵琶第音樂院預校,現任教於北維州社區大學。