215. San-Nan Chen 陳珊喃, Pianist/2015/06

San-Nan Chen 陳珊喃, Pianist

陳珊喃Ms. San-Nan came to Intercultural with a BA in elementary education from the National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan and a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University. She is Montessori Certified for students aged 3-6 years and has been teaching at Intercultural since 2009. She was born and raised in Tainan, Taiwan.  Ms. San-Nan provides her students a natural and creative environment that arouses curiosity and the motivation to explore, discover and appreciate the world around them. She encourages her students learn to collaborate, manage their time, and grow with confidence.  Ms San-Nan shares her love of music by teaching piano children ages 4 and up as an Intercultural extra curricular activity,  providing students with the necessary tools to excel, enjoy and learn the piano. Ms San-Nan performs occasionally with other professional musicians and accompanies intermediate to advanced students.

陳珊喃,台南人,現居芝加哥在臺北教育大學大四那年,贏得協奏曲比賽殊榮並與該校樂團演出普羅高飛夫鋼琴協奏曲第三號第一樂章。在20062007接受獎學金贊助前往克羅拉多,雅斯本跟隨Gabriel Chodos習琴。在2007年到芝加哥表演藝術學院,羅斯福大學讀碩士,師事劉孟捷老師。2010年贏得piano showcase比賽,與其他五位學生在伊利諾展開六場馬拉松的音樂會,並在2010年取得碩士學位。2011年擔任the Orchestra of the Chamber Opera Chicago Orchestra的樂團經理並于同季擔任法國號二部的演出人員。除了音樂,珊喃是位3-6歲蒙特梭利執照老師。目前於芝加哥市區Intercultural Montessori Language School擔任主要教師。