2301. Prof. Tien-Chang Lee 李典常教授

漢文名 李典常教授  

A dry lake in Death Valley National Park. Cobbles skate when strong wind blows over an icy playa.

English Name Prof. Tien-Chang Lee
Birth Year 1943
Birth Place Nantou, Taiwan
First year / First city / state arrived U.S. Year: 1967
City: Moscow State: Idaho
Present Address State only:  California
Family 1. Wife: Zora Meei-Meei Lee
2. Son:  two sons
Education School Name Year Degree and major
1.National Taiwan Univ. 1961-1965 BS Geology
2.Univ. of Idaho 1967-1969 MS Geology
3. Univ. of Southern California 1969-1973 Ph.D. Geophysics
Employment Company name Year Position or title
1.Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1973-1974 Post doc
2.University of California, Riverside, CA 1974-2009 Prof. of Geophysics/Hydrogeology
Accomplishment 1.     Derive a generalized well function that unifies three classical well functions for confined, unconfined, and leaky aquifers.
2.     Pioneer in using genetic algorithm for inverse geophysical modeling with finite-element analysis.
3.     Delineate groundwater basins and use Leegrams to graphically characterize hydrochemistry of subsurface water masses.

4.     Find “measured = (unknown + reference)/2”for measuring thermal conductivity of solid with the semi-line source method.



1.     Thus I Came – voiceless short stories (347 pp., 2020)
2.     Wandering in Rock Country – one rock, one story (109 pp., 2019)
3.     Wandering in Rock Country – stories beyond beauty (159 pp, to be in 2021)
Hobby 1.     Gardening
2.     Hiking in the desert