303. Gene Hco卓仁祥 Musician/ 2015/10

 Gene Cho 卓仁祥, Musician

卓仁祥1Gene Cho, Professor of Music, has been on the UNT faculty since 1972. He received his Ph.D. degree (music theory) from Northwestern University. His earlier education included science and economics, as well as theology, church music, conducting and composition.

Among his more recent publication is The Replica of The Ark of the Covenant in Japan: The Mystery of Mi-fune-Shiro (iUniverse; winter 2008), that presents a bold reinterpretation of the history of the missing articles from the Ark of the Covenant. The book holds that these most sacred items (or their replica) in monotheistic Judaism are preserved to this day within the Great Ise Shrine of Japan. His other notable publication, The Discovery of Musical Equal Temperament in China and Europe in the Sixteenth Century (Edwin Mellen Press; spring 2003) presents the history of the formulation of the world’s first mathematical theory for equal temperament by a late Ming dynasty scholar, and its possible transmission to Europe in the early seventeenth century by Jesuit priests. For this landmark work, the International Biographical Center (Cambridge, England) awarded Gene Cho with one of the International Musician of the Year awards (2004). One of his recent publications is Dong-Xi Fang Wenhua Shiye Zhong de Zhu Zaiyu ji qi Xueshu Chengjiu (The Scholarship and Contribution of Zhu Zaiyu in the Cultural History, East and West. Beijing, China: The Central Conservatory Press; May, 2009). Other (earlier) publications include two monographs, three music theory pedagogical manuals, and a number of journal articles. His compositions (including several commissioned works) and arrangements have also been published and performed in the U.S. and European and Asian countries. More recently, he has composed two commissioned works for the dedication of Zhu Zaiyu Memorial Concert Hall in Qingyang (Henan Province), China.

In previous years, Dr. Cho had served as a charter editorial board member ofJournal of Music in ChinaJournal of Music Theory Pedagogy, and two terms as president of the Texas Society for Music Theory. He was appointed an honorary member of China’s Society of Research in Lüü, the Advisor to Society for (study in) the Western Music, and honorary visiting professor of several institutions in China: Xinghai Conservatory (Guangzhou), Huanan University of Technology, Yunnan Conservatory, and Shandong Arts College, China. He was a guest professor in Taiwan (1986) and Hong Kong (1994-96), and has presented numerous lectures and clinics in six countries, and leads field study in China and Taiwan. Presently, he is a member of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, and an advisor to ASMDC (Asian Schools of Music Director’s Conference).

美國北德州大學音樂學院台裔教授卓仁祥博士以其十年研究結晶《音樂平均律於16是記載中國及歐洲的發現》專著為世人所矚目,近日被英國劍橋國際名人傳記社授獎為2004年國際音樂家。   《音樂平均律於16世紀在中國及歐洲的發現》論証了音樂12平均律的發現者是中國明朝的數學天文家朱載堉。該專著以豐富的論據材料試圖給30年來學術界一直爭論的若干問題提供結論,引起學術界廣泛關注。   卓仁祥博士1975年畢業於西北大學,現任美國北德州大學音樂學院高級教授。