304. Ho Chu Yao 姚張和珠/2015/02

English Name Ho Chu Yao  



I0219156 姚張和珠

漢文名 姚張和珠
Birth Year 1941
Birth Place 台灣 台南 車路墘
First year, first city and state in the U.S. 1971, New York, NY
Address Flushing, NY
Family 1. Husband: 姚慶章
2. Daughter: Su Lin Yao
3. Son: King Han Yao
Education 1. 師範大學 1963 B.A., Art
Employment 1. Top Year Read Estate Management Inc. Broker/Owner
2. Noevir Skincare Senior Director
Accomplishment 1. 1st Taiwanese American working in skin-care products.
Publication(Non-professional ones)
Hobby 1. Skin Care
2. Art (Gallery)
3. Buddhism
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