330. Yali Chen 陳雅莉, Oboist & Conductor / 2016/02

Yali Chen 陳雅莉, Oboist & Conductor陳雅莉

Oboist and Conductor Yali Chen was born in Taichung, Taiwan.

She began her music studies on piano and continued with theory, Solfege training, and eventually oboe performance in National Taiwan Normal University. As principal oboist in the University Symphony Orchestra, and the winner of the concerto competition, she performed Haydn’ s Oboe Concerto with the Orchestra and performed in numerous solo and chamber concerts. She also studied under Professor Pierre W. Feit, during her visit to Vienna and Graz, Austria, and won Third Prize in the Wiener International Summer Camp. She later returned to Taiwan to teach oboe while serving as principal oboist of the National Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan.

In 2003, Yali Chen entered the Master of Fine Arts program in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at University of California, Irvine. Under a fellowship, she received her Master’ s degree in 2005. During her time at UCI, she studied oboe with Dr. Jonathan Davis, and conducting and symphonic studies with Dr. Stephen Tucker. She also served as the principal oboist of the UCI Symphony, and was invited to coach and conduct in music camps. Yali Chen currently performs as a freelance oboist in venues such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Segerstrom Concert Hall with numerous symphony orchestras.


雙簧管家陳雅莉台灣台中人,師大音樂系畢業,専攻雙簧管。曾和師大 管弦樂團演出海頓的雙簧管協奏曲。陳雅莉師大畢業後,前往維也納及 Graz深遠,師事Pierre W. Feit。曾獲Wiener國際夏令營音樂會的銅牌獎。學成後,陳雅莉回台灣,擔任台灣國家交響樂團的主雙簧管手, 2003年陳雅莉獲得獎學金前來加大爾灣校區(UCI) Claire音樂學院深 造,2005獲得碩士學位,師事Jonathan Davis (雙簧管)及Steven Tucker教授(指揮>。在學期間陳雅莉擔任UCI交響樂團的主雙簧管手 並研習指揮。她時常應邀在交響樂團如UCI交響樂團擔任指揮。

陳雅莉曰前南加數家交響樂團例如迪士尼音樂廳,Segerstorm音樂廳, Riverside County交響樂團擔任客座雙簧管手。