36. Butterfly Chong 張翠蝶, Choral Conductor/2014/10

Butterfly Chong 張翠蝶, Choral Conductor

Born in Malaysia, Choral Conductor Butterfly Chong 張翠蝶 moved to Taipei, Taiwan where she received her Bachelor of Music in voice performance from the National Taiwan Normal University. Immediately after graduating from NTNU, she spent eight years teaching high school music in Taipei. In 1992, Butterfly relocated to Huntsville, Texas and completed a Kodály Certificate and her Master of Music degree in choral conducting at Sam Houston State University.

Soon after moving to Fairfax, VA in 1998, Butterfly joined the Fairfax Choral Society as a member of their choir. In 2000, she conducted the Haitien chorus for two years. In 2008, Butterfly became a choir director and musicianship teacher for the Fairfax Choral Society’s children’s choir and continued for the next three years. She also became a conductor of the Liren choir in 2009. In addition to the Liren choir, she has recently taken positions as directors of the Taiwanese-American and Tonghua choirs as well as the Gloria Star children’s choir. Outside of choral conducting, Butterfly currently maintains a home studio of piano and voice students and is a member of the American Choral Directors Association and Music Teacher National Association.