37. Newsletter of T.A. Archives September, 2017

Taiwanese American Archives (台美史料中心)  Sept. 2017  issue NO. 29



  • A Video Show of “Our Journeys in the U. S. as Graduate Students”:

We have collected some writings and photos for preparing this video show as shown in the link below:


We would like to prepare other video shows of Our Journeys as Medical Professionals, as Young Students, as Immigrants and as Businesspersons, etc… Please help by providing us with your photos and its description.

We are looking for T. A. Artists, who would paint “Our Journeys in the U. S.” for these video shows. We have collected 21 paintings posted on “Our Footsteps” section of T. A. Archives’ website as shown in the link below:


We have an “Art Committee” to work with you. Please contact us if you are interested in this painting project.

  • A Chapter of “Teaching Professionals” for The Book” Taiwanese Americans”:

If you have teaching career in university, high and elementary schools, please contribute your teaching stories for this chapter.  We prefer it is upto 2 pages and 2 photos. The links below are 6 articles collected so far for your reference:


  • Join The “Article Committee of T. A. Archives”:

We are looking for volunteers, who can read Hajji and English to join this Committee. The main jobs are:

  1. To vote on the recommended articles for “My Stories” and “Our Journeys”.
  2. To search for suitable articles of “My Stories” and “Our Journeys” to be voted by the Committee members.

For further information about being a committee member, please contact us.

  • History of Taiwanese American Organizations:

We are collecting histories, publications (Newsletters, Directories and Journals) and artifacts of T. A. organizations regardless existing or not. If you have some of those items, please contact us and will pay for the shipping cost.

  • “Who’s Who” for T. A. Archives:

Our objective is to collect as many bio forms of T. A. as possible. We have posted 1,870 persons so far as shown in the link below:


We would like to collect ordinary people as well, like professional people, housewives, young people, etc.. We use our standard bio form, not asking too much of your private information. Our objective is to show to main stream society that T. A. is a diverse and outstanding minority group in the U. S.. Please e-mail us whatever bio information you can share with us. We can type for you and have you approved first before posting to the website.

We are looking for part-time employee , who can search and prepare bio forms of T. A. We can pay for it by each bio form. Please contact us or introduce someone to us. This job can be carried out at your house.

  • Donation in August 2017 :

  1. T-shirt of Taiwanese American Heritage Celebration 2008 by TAA/STL (Donated by Dr. B. Chang/MO)
  2. T-shirt of Taiwanese American Students Club(TASC) in Northwestern University (Donated by Mr. Ryan Wu/TX)
  3. T-shirts and Year Books of Taiwanese American Foundation (Donated by Mr. S. Chen/CA)
  4. Newsletters of TAA/Houston (DVD) (Donated by Mr. C. Chuang/TX)
  5. 5 Videos in Washington D.C. Areas by Dr. Ming Lee (Donated by Dr. M. Lee/MD)
  6. Long Life Exercise (長生操) (DVD, English and Hajji versions ) (Donated by Dr. S. Lin/IL)
  7. Documents and News Releases of Mr. Chunchin Chen for Private Collection( Supplied by Mr. C. Chen/NY)
  8. T-shirt and Hat of Taiwanese Hakka Associations of America /08/2017 (美洲台灣客家聯合會T恤衫和帽子, donated by Dr. C. Lee/PA)
  • “First/Famous” Collected in August 2017:

  1. Cheng Y. Chuang (莊承業) / The First President of Texas Formosan Federal Credit Union/1975
  2. GUEI-YUN YANG (楊貴運) / The First President of Taiwanese Hakka Associations of America (美洲台灣客家聯合會首任會長) / 1988
  3. CHIOU-HUNG CHEN (陳秋鴻) / The First President of Taiwan Hakka Association For Public Affairs In North America (台灣客家公共事務協會首任會長) / 1991
  4. Frank Hsu (許子津) / The First President of Formosan Club Association/ Chicago Chapter (芝加哥台灣同鄕會首任會長) / 1954
  5. Ken Huang (黃根深) / Famous Artist/Member of UFI & Coordinator of TAC/West Coast 2011 to Re-activate TAC/West Coast Conference (畫家/台獨盟員/恢復舉辦美西夏令會的招集人 2011)
  • “ Winners of Prestigious Awards” Collected in August 2017:

  1. Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal (2018) & Roger Revelle Medal (2013) / Kuo-Nan Liou (廖國男)
  2. American Book Awards / Shawna Yang Ryan (楊小娜) /2018
  3. Monoculus Award (國際單眼橈足生物學會最高榮譽獎) / Ju-shey Ho (何汝諧) /2011
  4. Wolf Prize in Chemistry (沃爾夫化學獎) in Israel / Wong Chi-Huey (翁啟惠) /2014
  •  “Private Collections” Collected in August 2017:

  1. Collection of Prof. Tender Lin 林天德教授的收藏
  2. Collection of Mrs. Patsy Chen 方秀蓉女士的收藏
  3. Collection of Prof. Helen Lee 李雪玟教授的收藏
  4. Collection of Mr. Patrick Huang 黃再添先生的收藏
  5. Collection of Prof. Ken Huang 黃根深教授的收藏
  6. Collection of Prof. Ming Liang Lee 李明亮教授的收藏
  7. Collection of Dr. Hongshen Yeh 葉弘宣醫師的收藏  
  8. Collection of Prof. Shun Dar Lin 林舜達教授的收藏   
  • “Videos” Collected in August 2017:

  1. 2017 Global Hakka Cultural Meeting & Taiwanese Hakka Convention in America (8/4~8/6) (全球客家文化會議及台灣客家懇親大會在美洲)
  2. Video show of Monthly Gathering of Taiwanese Club Laguna Wood Village 071817 (臺灣同鄉會聚會)
  3. The Formosans in Canada 加拿大的美麗島人
  4. 2017 NATPA Annual Conference 北美台灣人教授協會年會
  5. Washington DC Taiwanese Language School 華府台灣語文學校/2000
  6. 228 七十週年紀念音樂會 by 華府台灣基督長老教會 / 2017
  7. 李登輝前總統訪問美國華府 僑胞設款晚宴 實況錄影 10/19/2005

For viewing those videos, please click the link below: http://taiwaneseamericanhistory.org/videos/

  • “Publications” Collected in August 2017:

No. Publications # on website Titles of Publications Authors/Donors Published
1 1124 休士頓台獨運動的故事  Taiwan Independence Movement in Houston 莊承業(Donated by莊承業/TX) 07/2017
2 1125 2017 Global Hakka Cultural Meeting & Taiwanese Hakka Convention in America 全球客家文化會議暨台灣客家懇親大會在美洲 美洲台灣客家聯合會(Donated by Prof. W. Wei/PA) 08/2017
3 1126 37th North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association Annual Conference 2017 北美洲台灣人教授協會年會 NATPA’s newsletter/2017 08/2017
4 1127 躲貓貓 劉思坊(Donated by Ms. S. Liu/CA) 09/2015
5 1128 Taiwanese American Foundation 2017 / /07/2017/Magazines/雜誌 TAF (Donated by Mr. S. Chen/CA) 07/2017

We would like to collect all the non-professional publications by T. A. organizations and individuals. It can be in English, Japanese and other languages. Please contact us if you have or know some publications, not yet collected by us.

  • Progress in August 2017:

We collected 129 entries in August. The total entry is 7042 :

Categories # posted in July # posted in August # posted up to 8/31/17
My Stories 8 9 571
Our journeys 6 5 310
Publications 17 5 1128
Culture/Artists/Exhibitions 1 2 87
Culture/Musicians/Concerts 16 4 525
Private Collections 10 8 42
First and Famous 4 5 336
Videos 3 7 80
Photo Albums 0 1 181
Who’s Who 102 60 1870
Projects (21 sub-titles) 19 9 817
Our Footsteps 0 0 21
Events / Milestones 2 4 132
Artifacts 5 1 51
Organizations 4 6 855
Newsletters 1 3 36
Total Entry 198 129 7042
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