42. Yu-Wen Wu/2015/04

Yu-Wen Wu

Yu-Wen Wu is an interdisciplinary artist creating works that explore universal connectedness and interdependency. Her work incorporates the visual language of data that speak of systems, natural phenomenon, time, mapping, music, migration, community and a sense of place. She works primarily in drawing, painting and time-based art.


School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Brown University, Providence, RI


Installation view from Random Walks and Chance Encounters at the Minneapolis Museum of American Art.

2Google Walk Boston to Taipei 2013 8.25″ x 86″ (double sided)
3Lines of Flight 2012 C-Print on aluminum 30″ x 66″
4Site Lines 2013
5On Yellow Brick Road–a migration sketchbook 2012 mixed media 8 “x 11”
源自 http://yuwenwu.com/