46. Julie Wong 翁致理, Pianist/2014/10

Julie Wong 翁致理, Pianist

Julie Wong 翁致理

A native of Taiwan, pianist Julie Wong has taken the spotlight in the international music arena in recent years as a promising young musician. She has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall, Columbia University, Rockefeller University, and other major venues in the United States. Her recital engagements have included tours in Europe and Asia. Among her recent performances is her ninth tour of recitals and master classes in Taiwan.

Julie received her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from The Juilliard School with full scholarship and her Doctor of Mu¬sical Arts degree from Rutgers University. She has served as a faculty member ofSeton Hall University, Montclair University and Rutgers University. She currently teaches at the music department of the Truth Theological Seminary.

Dr. Wong began her music lessons at the age of four and won numerous music awards in Taiwan. As a teenager, she came to the United States and won the Artists International Young Pianists Award, the Music Teachers National Associations Competition, the Lincoln Center Scholarship, the Rubinstein Prize, the Wil liam Petschek Scholarship and a performance fellowship from the Juilliard School.

A strong proponent of chamber music and contemporary music, Julie has appeared in concerts with members of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Met-ropolitan Opera Orchestra, and Los Angeles Philharmonic. She has also premiered works by prominent contemporary masters such as David Diamond, Joop Stokkermans, and Tyzen Hsiao.

In addition to her busy pianist career, she is also active as an organist and choral conductor. A resident of Los Angeles, she en¬joys Asian literature and arts, as well as bringing music to schools, medical centers and nursing homes. She is fluent in Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and English.

鋼琴家翁致理博士是近年歐美古典樂壇中頗受重視,肯定的年青亞裔音樂家.出生於台南市.十一歲時隨家人赴日,十五歲時移民美國.高中畢業後以全額獎 學金進入茱麗亞音樂學院(Juilliard School) 深造並修得學士及碩士學位. 1999 年獲得羅格斯紐澤西州立大學(Rutgers University)音樂藝術博士學位. 求學期間榮獲國際藝術家協會鋼琴家獎,全美音樂教師協會及全美音樂聯盟等多項比賽首獎.

演奏經驗豐富,可説是身經百戰.經常應邀至歐/亞洲巡迴演出. 曾在卡內基演奏廳, 林肯中心,國家音樂廳等世界聞名的音樂廳演奏.並常在哥倫比亞大學,普林斯頓大學,洛克菲勒大學及全美多處大學獻藝.曾經在臺灣九次巡迴演奏.

翁致理也致力推廣室內樂及現代作品.常與紐約愛樂, 洛杉磯愛樂,及大都會歌劇之成員合演.也曾為 David Diamond, Joop Stokkermans, 蕭泰然等多位現代大師之作品首演.

演奏之外她也是一位資深的音樂教授.目前任教於北美真道神學院.曾經任教於羅格斯紐澤西州立大學,蒙克雷爾大學(Montclair University)及西頓堠大學(Seton Hall University).1999 年夏天並應大學音樂學術協會之邀至日本京都國際會議場講學演奏(Lecture Recital),並在東京,名古屋,熊本,三大城市舉行獨奏會.

除了鋼琴,翁致理的管風琴也是造詣非凡.精通日,台,中,英,四國語言,多才多藝 且熱心公義的她也經常到醫院,療養院,安養院,等地方義演. (資料取自北加州南灣台灣同鄉會)