49. Ching-Ming Cheng 鄭靜旻, Pianist/2014/10

Ching-Ming Cheng 鄭靜旻, Pianist

鄭靜旻Pianist Dr. Ching-Ming Cheng, a native of Taiwan,Dr. Cheng holds a bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from National Taiwan Normal University, a master degree in Music Business and a doctoral degree in Piano Accompanying from University of Miami with honors and full scholarship. Dr. Cheng is an active performer and committed educator. Her most recent competition prize is a silver medal in 2013 International Keyboard Odyssiad Piano Competition held in Colorado. Her recent performances include Cal. State San Marcos, North American Taiwanese Professor Associa¬tion retreats, Taiwan Center in San Diego, and many concert series in Taiwan. Dr. Cheng is an active member of Music Teacher Association of California, Music Teacher National Association and California Association of Professional Music Teachers. She is a frequent adjudicator for many musical events. Dr. Cheng is currently on the music faculty at California State University San Marcos as an assistant professor.

鄭教授五歲開始就展現了她在音樂上的天份。大學就讀於國立台灣師範大學音樂糸,而後在 University of Miami 先後取得了商業音樂的碩士跟鋼琴伴奏的博士學位。

她同時也專於 低音提琴及演 唱。靜旻曾任 職於 Florida 的 Barry University、加州的 Humboldt State University、台灣師範大學及輔仁大學。她的近期音樂演出包括Arts and Lecture Series at CSUSM、NATPA retreat in San Diego and Sunday Matinee concert series in Taiwan。鄭教授目前任教於 California State University,San Marcos,教授鋼琴演奏及音樂學說。