678. Team Sea to See – Launch Day/Jack Chen/03/2019

Launch Day! Today is launch day! I would love your help to spread the word on social media, email, and in other forums about a cool and crazy new adventure I’m taking on called Team Sea To See (www.teamseatosee.com).

In June of 2018, I will be on the first blind tandem cycling team to compete in the Race Across America (www.raceacrossamerica.org), an epic adventure race covering 3,100 miles, across 12 states, gaining 175,000 feet of elevation, with a cut off finishing time of 9 days. Fewer people have completed this race than have climbed Mt. Everest. A few months ago a friend of mine and I were asking how could we do something truly impactful to drive awareness for the fact that over 60% of college graduates who are blind cannot find employment, a number that hasn’t changed for decades. In putting this racing team together, Team Sea To See, we want to ride to the SEA, s, e, a, to help the world to SEE, s, e, e, the capabilities and phenomenal success of blind people on and off the bike. We want to demonstrate Success In Plain Sight

We will also film a documentary movie about this race to drive awareness of blindness and success. The film will highlight the physical success in this race but also will highlight the incredible success of blind people around the world. In fact, each of the four blind cyclists and the support staff who are also blind have an incredible success story, ranging from CEO to attorney to professional musicians to communications/PR. We want to highlight in film these professional stories and the success stories of blind people around the world to show that blind people can and do accomplish great things. We want to show the unique skills and abilities that blind people have and show employers that you want, and in fact need, blind people in their organizations because of their capabilities and unique abilities.

We would love your help in spreading this message widely. Like our Facebook page (Team Sea To See, https://www.facebook.com/TeamSeaToSee) and receive updates, learn about the riders, chat with us, and learn more about what amazing things blind people are doing around the world. We would also welcome your financial partnership towards our goal of $100,000 for this project. You can go to www.teamseatosee.com to learn more and to make a tax deductible contribution. Thanks for your help in spreading the word and see you at the finish! Team Sea To See

Bicycle Race Across America Route 2018


Group of Team Sea to See finished Bicycle Race Across America 2018



Mr. Chen on the Bicycle 2018



The group at the Fishish line, Bicycle Race Across America in 7 Days 2018


Source from Jack Chen

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