7. Presented by T. A. Archives / Irvine, CA / 2015

  1. The digitization of all published issues of Taiwan Tribune in 3 DVDs.
  2. Ing-wen Tsai’s visit in U. S. in May, 2015.
  3. The publication of Mr. Li-ping Wu’s memoire in October, 2015.
  4. The pass away of Mr. Tai Zen Hsiao in September, 2015.
  5. The invitation of Young professionals and students from Taiwan to participate in the annual meeting of NATPA in October, 2015.
  6. The Publication of the record book of “北美洲台灣人醫師協會國際義診十周年紀念專輯 A Decade of serving the needy” by  North America Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA).
  7. The Success in the election of a few public offices, such as Ms. Stephanie Chang in Michigan State House.
  8. The first second generation of T. A. ,Dr. Lisa Su become the CEO of America Micro Device Co ( AMD)  , a big public-trade high-tech company.
  9. The pass away of few famous T. A. , such as Prof. Shutsung Liao, Prof. Tsung-Kuang Lin, Prof. Trong-Rong Tsai , Dr. Fu-Tong Hsu, dr. Edward Cheng and Mrs. Tina Chang in 2015.
  10. A successful conference of Taiwanese Summer Conference /East Coast/2015.
  11. The establishment of Oversea Support Association for Dr. Ing-Wen Tsai  2016 President of Taiwan.
  12. Two big musical concerts in S. CA to pay respect to the contribution of Tai Zen Hsiao in musical field.
  13. The Outstanding Alumni Award to T. A., such as Dr. Tu Chen from University of Minnesota and  Dr. Whah-Ling Lee from UCSF School of Medicine.
  14. 劉蘇多惠出版兩本珍貴的相簿-咱要出頭天(革命篇)和(社團篇).
  15. 葛原隆、吳瑩瑛編著的「晚風習習木長青」於台灣的基督教文字出版協會每兩年舉辦一次的金書獎甄選中,被選為「生活類」入圍好書。