7. Sinfonietto Sensation Piano Quartet 璀璨鋼琴四重奏/2014/10

The Sinfonietta Sensation Quartet


Sinfonietto Sensation Piano Quartet 璀璨鋼琴四重奏

The Sinfonietta Sensation Quartet was formed by pianists Quei Lih Chen, Ting Wen Shao, Nam Yeung and Frank Hsieh .This dynamic group was launched in 2012, giving its debut at the Seoul Arts Center in Korea, and since then has become one of Taiwan’s most active piano ensembles.

All four pianists of the group are established solo artists in their own right, they individually having been guest artists in music festival in Taiwan, China, Korea, South Asia and United States and each having earned Doctorate degrees from prestigious music schools, including Peabody and USC.

The group has a special interest in the performance of orchestral works transcribed or arranged for piano en¬sembles. On July 12, 7:30 PM at the Herbert Zipper Hall in the Colburn School, Sinfonietta Sensation will pres¬ent three major works originally written for orchestra: Brahms Academic Overture, Beethoven Fifth Symphony, Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture, each transcribed by Keller, Kirchner, Landger, and Bizet’s Carmen Fantasy, arranged by Mack Wilberg for 8 hands, two pianos.