77. Peggy Chen 張佩仙, Soprano Vocalist/2014/11

Peggy Chen 張佩仙, Soprano Vocalist


Peggy Chen, a soprano vocalist, received her Bachelor of Arts from Tunghai University and a Master’s Degree from Musashino Academy of Music School in Japan. She currently is the assistant conductor of the Los Angeles Formosan Master Chorale. In addition, she is also the Choir Director for Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church and Laguna Woods Village Taiwanese Chorale.

臺灣東海大學音樂系畢業,日本武葴野音樂大學聲樂碩士。曾任臺中市雙十國中音樂班聲樂老師。留學期間在高田馬場台灣基督長老教會擔任聖歌隊指揮。目前是洛杉磯福爾摩沙聖樂團助理指揮, Irvine 台灣基督長老教會聖歌隊指揮,Laguna Woods Village 台灣合唱團指揮。