788. Reng-Lang Lin 林祁郎 /2016/01

Name 林祁郎 教授 Personal picture
Prof. Reng-Lang Lin
Birth Year
Birth Place 台灣 新竹
First year, first city and state arrived in the U.S.
Family 1. Wife: –
2.Daughter: –
3.Son: –
Education 1. 台灣大學 B.S. 農業化學
2. 台灣大學 M.S. 農業化學
3. Oklahoma State University Ph.D. 生物化學
Employment 1. Galesburg State Research Hospital 1971-1975 Research Scientist
2. Illinois State Psychiatric Institute 1975-1978 Research Scientist
3. Cook Country Medical Examinier Office 1978-1983 Assistant Chief Toxicologist
4. N.J.State Toxicologist Laboratory 1983-present Director/ Chief Toxicologist
Publication(Non-professional ones)
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