Houston Taiwan Institute for Senior Citizens (休士頓台灣松年學院的活動)

5/17/2018 上午十點 慶祝松年學院成立15週年及2018春季學期結業典禮


HTISC 2018 Spring Semester Closing Ceremony

松年學院 HTISC
9720 Town Park Dr. #104, Houston, Texas 77036
5/17 (Thu), 2018  10:00 – 15:00

Phone 713-272-8989
Fax 713-272-8112
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RSVP:  Michele Lin  713-272-8989 / 832-387-0692
Please reply by 5/15/2018

Donation, door prize or gifts for HTISC are welcome.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We appreciate your long-time support. Thanks again for your help in many ways to the Institute. The HTISC was established in 2003, we will celebrate the fifteenth anniversary events at the closing Ceremony.

The Spring Semester Closing Ceremony is held on Thursday, May 17, 2018. at 10:00a.m. The keynote speaker is the president of American First National Bank.

Our mission is for Abundance of life-long Learning, to maintain and seek Health and Wellness of the Spirit, Mind and Body, Share with love, care and learn to serve, not to be served for seniors in our community.

You are cordially invited to the HTISC 2018 Spring Semester Closing Ceremony and Learning Exhibition, We do hope you will enjoy and register this program.

Many Blessings!
Meifen Chen, the Chairperson of Board Directors
Samuel S. Hsu, President



2018年春季學期將於2018年五月17日上午10時假學院的Daily Hall, 舉行結業典禮及學習成果展覽,主講人:恆豐銀行創辦人吳文龍董事長。


董事長   陳美芬
院長 許勝弘
行政副院長   黃逢春

HTISC 2018Spring Semester Closing Ceremony
  • 09:30  Welcome & Registration 歡迎與報到
  • 10:00  Spring Semester Closing Ceremony
    – Keynote speaker: Dr. Henry Wu, president of the American First National Bank
    – Student’s Learning Exhibition: Ikebana, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting and Western Painting
  • 12:00  Noon Light Lunch, Fellowship & Registration 午餐聯誼註冊
  • 14:00  Adjournment結束


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