63. 郭敏俊 Jackson Kuo

郭敏俊 Jackson Kuo


HERMIT Jackson Kuo is born in Taiwan in 1950. He is not a real hermit but in spiritual level he wishes himself as a hermit, and practices a simply form of life style.

HERMIT Jackson likes meditation, painting, music, reading, cooking, traveling, and sports. This book collcets about 380 pieces of his sketches, including recent decades’ works and teeage period’s praictice pieces.

HERMIT Jackson would like to share his hobby with anyone who also like drawings.


Still Object - Jackson Kuo Vikingsholm Lake Tahoe - Jackson Kuo

Jackson Kuo 郭敏俊 - 0002Love River(高雄愛河)    Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2004

Jackson Kuo 郭敏俊 - 0007Sapporo Boulevard 札幌   Hokkaido 1987

Jackson Kuo 郭敏俊 - 0004A Memory of A US Post Office Back Yard   Danville, California 2003


Source from Jackson Kuo 郭敏俊 07/2016

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