33. AsiaFest Outreach/THSH/2019


We are so excited to have the outreach opportunity to introduce Taiwanese culture as part of the AsiaFest event hosted by the Asia Society Texas Center. Given it is a family-oriented occasion, we decided to focus on a few traditional children’s games & toys. The games we choose to demonstrate are: “Taiwanese Pinball” (彈珠檯), “Hacky-Sack” (沙包), “Dough Figurines” (捏麵人), “Jianzi” (毽子), and “Whipping top” (陀螺).
Our table got very busy as soon as they opened the door. While the kids enjoyed the Pinball and Dough Figurines making, the parents challenged themselves with Scorpion and Hacky-Sack. In addition, they can take home with the dough figurines they made and some cute stickers from Taiwan. We also had a chance to speak to some guests to promote our community center to potential members.
The Taiwanese Indigenous “Flash Mob Dance” led by Flora was a blockbuster and attracted lots of attention. The dancers dressed up with traditional customs from four different tribes – 葛瑪蘭族 (Kavalan), 阿美族(Amis), 卑南族(Puyuma), 鄒族(Tsou) automatically became the highlight of the stage. Many guests joined the dancers and embraced the rhythm.
The Asia Society estimated there were over 4,000 attendees at the event. Our booth was no doubt one of the most popular among all.  Big thanks to all the volunteers who help all the kids have a good time and presented our country in such a fun way.
Volunteers:  Jeff Wu, Evelyn Hsu, Flora, Steven, Shirley, Lina Huang, Rachel Wu, James, Katherine, Helena Cheng, John Adams, Le Kheng, Tiffany, James Hwang.



Source from THSH/休士頓台灣人傳統基金會

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