3. Austin Chapter / TAP 台美菁英協會奧斯丁(德州)分會



Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP) enhances the Taiwanese American community by networking individuals interested in professional and career development, while emphasizing the preservation of Taiwanese American identity. TAP provides resources and programs that inspire and empower; develop and support professionals, in their twenties and thirties, to become community-oriented leaders.

TAP-Austin is a chapter of TACL National, a 501c3 non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Learn more about TACL.

Key Values

  • Build TA community-oriented leaders in all professions
  • Promote TA identity
  • Build a professional network of TA
  • Be role models for younger TA, and non-TA, youths
  • Become a bridge for TAP members and other TA and APA organizations