Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association 波士頓台灣人生物科技協會

About Us

Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association (BTBA) is an organization started in 2012 by a group of Taiwanese graduate students, postdocs and young professionals in the greater Boston area. Our goals aim to enhance scientific collaborations, to foster individual career development, to facilitate interactions and to strengthen networking among academic and industrial bioscience communities in Taiwan and the US. We hold annual symposiums, which attracts more than 350 young Taiwanese professionals from biology-related fields across the US to attend each year.
In the past, we had been granted with the honor to host Dr. Chi-Huey Wong (翁啟惠), Dr. Li-Huei Tsai (蔡立慧), Dr. David Ho (何大一), Dr. Morgan Sheng (沈華智), Dr. Jennie Shen (沈碧君), Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen (陳垣崇), Dr. Nancy T. Chang (唐南珊), Dr. Jane Hsiao (許照惠), and Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang (楊泮池) as our keynote speakers, and each of them had not only given a great talk but also shared invaluable experiences with us.
In addition to keynote speeches, we have had academic/industry panels, career development panels, oral presentations and poster sessions presented by graduates students and postdocs, and recruitment panels and interviews from academics and industry in Taiwan throughout the day of symposium. In addition to the annual symposiums, BTBA hosts seminars and workshops regularly throughout the year. We serve as a platform to foster a community for young scientists to share their research, exchange ideas, and explore career opportunities. BTBA also collaborates with local and out-of-state organizations in programs that align with our mission to strengthen the bioscience communities in Taiwan and the US. We welcome you to contact us if you have an idea that may be realized through our channel.

Posted in 09/2017