Taiwanese American Association (TAA) of Capital District, New York 紐約州首府區台灣同鄉會


Established since 1971, the Taiwanese American Association (TAA) of Capital District, New York, is a non-political community organization. Its purposes are to foster, encourage, and promote the understanding of Taiwan, its people, history, culture, society, economy, government, and natural environment; to promote friendship among its member; to improve communication between the Association and other ethnic groups in the community. A person with any of the following qualifications may apply for membership of the Association:

  1. Born in Taiwan;
  2. Grew up in Taiwan and will recognize Taiwan as his (or her) first or second homeland;
  3. Ever stayed, studied, or worked in Taiwan for a short period of time and being friendly to Taiwanese people;
  4. Having an appreciation and respect of the Taiwanese ethnic culture.

All dependents of a member of the Association are automatically recognized as members of the Association by the Association or its affiliated organizations.

(Adopted by the TAA Board of Directors on January 6, 1984)


紐約州首府區台灣同鄕會是一個非政治的社團.它的宗旨是為了加強,鼓勵,和促進對台灣的 住民,歷史,文化,社會,經濟,政府,和自然環境的了解;促進會員間的友誼和同鄉會與其它 社團間的互相溝通.合於以下任何條件的人都有資格申請為台灣同鄉會的會員:

  1. 在台灣出生長大的; –
  2. 在台灣長大而且認台灣為他(她)的第一或第二故鄉;
  3. 在台灣短期居留,念書,或做事,對台灣人表示親善;
  4. 愛慕和尊重台灣的風格文化.

凡是同鄉會員的家屬,都是同鄉會的當然成員.如經會員或家屬的邀請,非會員也受歡迎參 加同鄉會和其他關係團體所舉辦的各種活動.