87. Cenzone Tech Inc. 新種公司獎學金

Cenzone Tech Inc. Scholarship Award (SDTCA)

新種公司 (Cenzone Tech Inc.) 獎學金-聖地牙哥台灣同鄉會

1 Objective
  ·      To award scholarships to outstanding college students whose parents or grandparents are current members of SDTCA
2 Qualification of Recipients
  ·      Applicant’s parents or grandparents of themselves must be members of SDTCA in the current year as well as the preceding year.
  ·      Applicant must currently be attending a college or university and enrolled as an undergraduate student.
  ·      Applicant must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2/4.0 on his or her most recent transcript.
  ·      Applicant must show scholastic achievement, maintain good conduct in the community, demonstrate community leadership,  and show other achievements and interests.
  ·      Applicant can only be awarded this scholarship once.
3 Territories Cover and number of Recipients
  ·      Parents or grandparents are current members of SDTCA.
  ·      6 awards.
4 Prizes
  ·      $2,000 / Recipient
5 Sponsors by:
  ·      San Diego Taiwan Cultural Association
  ·      Cenzone Tech Inc.
6 Status:Active (Since 2012)
7 Website: