Taiwanese Association of America-Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter 達拉斯台灣同鄉會(達福台灣同鄉會)

Taiwanese Association of America-Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter


第一條: 名稱
本會定名為達拉斯台灣同鄉會, 英文名稱為Taiwanese Association of America-Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter.
第二條: 隸屬
本會為全美台灣同鄉會之達拉斯分會, 對全美台灣同鄉會有其應負的責任及應享之權利.
第三條: 宗旨
1.聯絡鄉親, 促進合作並維護在美台灣人之福利.
3.宣揚台灣文化, 促進台美文化交流.
第四條: 會員
1.凡年滿十八歲, 家居D/FW Metroplex Area 及其附近之鄉鎮, 認同台灣贊成並願遵守本會宗旨者, 得為本會會員.
2.凡具有會員資格者, 於繳交會費之後, 得成為本會之正式會員.
3.凡具有會員資格者, 對本會有特殊貢獻, 經全體理事之同意, 得為永久會員.
4.永久會員可免除會費之繳納. 其權利與義務與一般會員同.


  • Share our rich and colorful culture within the Taiwanese American community and the community at large.
  • Provide support to current Taiwanese Americans living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex through information sharing and neighborly assistance.
  • Facilitate the adaptation of new Taiwanese Americans moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, including students from Taiwan attending area schools.
  • Celebrate our common culture and heritage through periodic get-togethers each year, such as community projects, picnics, dinner parties, etc.

Yearly TAA Events

  • Lunar New Year Party / Annual Meeting (January-February)
  • 228 Memorial (late February)
  • Taiwanese American Heritage Week / Taiwan Booth at Mayfest(early May)
  • Dragon Boat Festival / TAA Picnic (early June)
  • Mid Autumn Festival (September-October)
  • Thanksgiving / Health Seminar (November-December)