First Invitation Letter to Be the Member of the Selection Committee of “Outstanding Taiwanese American” Project 7/22/2018

Dear Sarolina :
We would like to invite you to be the Member of the Selection Committee of ” Outstanding Taiwanese American” project, sponsored by T. A. Archives.
This project is primarily for our young and future generations to know T. A. history and its various kinds of people in the past. For the selected T. A. , it is just a honor, no award ceremony and prize. We need to establish a selection committee of 10 to 15 T. A. throughout the U. S. in order to established the credibility of this project in our history.
We will present you with one page of “Presentation” about the candidate. You need to cast your ” Yes” or ” No”  or not to vote. You do not have any liability because your names and voting information will not be revealed to outside people.
The selection criteria for being considered as an outstanding T. A. are as below:
 1. Made significant contribution and services to T. A. community.
 2. Made significant contribution and services to Main Stream Society.
 3. Established a good reputation in his or her professional field.
  Some candidates meet more than one criterion.
The candidates will be recommended by the Committee Members , otherT. A. and from the collected information in T. A. Archives’ website.
We have compiled 316 candidates and prepared about 200 presentations as shown in the attached candidate lists so far for your reference.
Candidates are categorized in three fields:
 1. Community services
 2. Scientists, Engineers and Medical Professionals
 3. Other Miscellaneous Fields.
We welcome your suggestions to this project any time.
Hope to hear from you a favorable answer to our call for your volunteer services soon.
Bob Cheng
T. A. Archives.
ps: 1. The selected candidate will be posted in T. A. Archives website and  will post their presentation in T. A. Archives
          Center as shown in the attached photo below.
      2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank for your services in the Article Committee. We have collected total of
          979 articles for ” My Stories” and ” Our Journeys” sections of T. A. Archives’ website so far. We are preparing
          two books arranged according to sub-subjects, which are posted in the website and will be printed in hard paper