16. Little League Tournament (少棒賽) by Artist Susan Hsiu-fang Liu (陳秀芳) / 2013


Little League Tournament 少棒賽

by 陳秀芳 Susan Hsiu-fang Liu, Oil on canvas 36” x 48”

Since 1969, Taiwanese little league baseball team had been participating and received world champions many times in Williamsport, Philadelphia. Many Taiwanese Americans go to this event every year to show their support.

This painting depicts the earlier games where many Taiwanese were there to support the team. In 1971,  an airplane with a ‘Long live Taiwan Independence Go Go Taiwan” slogan flew over the baseball field, and caused a fight between Taiwanese and Chinese. The “Tainan Giant” team won the championship that year.

自從1969年,台灣少棒隊開始參加在賓州威廉斯堡決賽,也得過好多次冠軍。許多台灣同鄉每年都到現場加油,也在那裏表達台灣獨立的願望。1971年,聯盟租了一架飛機,機尾拖著一個大標語「台灣獨立萬歲GO GO TAIWAN」,國民黨黨棍對天上的飛機無可奈何,乃對在場同鄉歐打報復。台南市巨人少棒隊在這年得冠軍。