18. Who Are Taiwanese Americans?

·       Who Are Taiwanese Americans?

Since 1949, we have up to 5 generations and more than one million of Taiwanese Americans in the U.S.A. now. It becomes an undeniable portion of U. S. immigration history.

Who are T. A.? We would like to raise this question for all of us to ponder. Followings are our suggestions for discussions and debate among us:

There are two criteria for considering a person to be a T. A.:

  1. He/she has connection or relation with Taiwan and Taiwanese
  2. He/She has /had U. S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Card.

Followings are the routes for becoming T. A.:

  1. As graduate students or medical professionals
  2. As young students
  3. By marriage to a T. A.
  4. Decedents of a T. A.
  5. Relatives of a T. A. thru immigration
  6. Business investments in the U. S.
  7. Having special skills needed in the U. S. labor market
  8. Established scholars, professionals and sport players
  9. Students from Taiwan, studying in the U. S. and other countries and married to Americans
  10. Taiwanese Employees sent to work in the U. S. by their companies. Then, become Americans thru legal channels
  11. Marriage of a Taiwanese to U. S. officers, military personnel, etc
  12. Political and other kinds of refugees
  13. Oversea Taiwanese and their descendants become U. S. Citizen thru immigration quotas of other countries.
  14. Adoption by T. A. Family
  15. Americans serve in Taiwan and become Taiwanese Citizens
  16. Americans like to be Taiwanese voluntarily
  17. Americans work for Taiwanese American organizations and become the leader of his/her organization.
  18. Enter the U. S. illegally and become legal citizens thru legal channels
  19. Miscellaneous routes
  20. Adaption thru international adaption between Taiwan and the U. S. 

We consider an American who has Citizenship or Permanent Residency by Taiwan authority is a T. A. too.


Posted in 12/2017