Modern Taiwanese Language Association 台語現代文協會

Welcome to Modern Taiwanese Language Introduction web site which is managed by Modern Taiwanese Language Association(MTLA).

MTLA was founded in 2003 by teachers, scholars, doctors, and engineers. Along with Washington D.C. Taiwanese School, and Taiwanese Youth Arts Foundation,
MTLA engaged in promoting the study and teaching of Taiwanese language and literature.

We welcome anyone who are interested in learning more about MTL, and would like to be a contributor to preserve Taiwanese culture.


本站是 台語現代文協會,為了推廣現代文而設立的網站。現代文是一套用羅馬字來寫福台語的文字系統。本站的主要宗旨有三﹕一,提供資料給參訪者能用自我學習方式來學現代文;二,提供一個園地,讓現代文朋友,交換學習經驗與心得,以及發表現代文作品;三,報導有關現代文之各種消息。