398. Eric (Teng-Kuan) Huang 黃騰寬, pianist / 2017/05

Eric (Teng-Kuan) Huang 黃騰寬, pianist

自幼即展現鋼琴演奏的天賦,三歲時無師目通地n敲擊”出多首兒歌,四歲始正式拜師,師承鋼琴家 台灣新古典樂團團長陳欣宜老師及王品惠博士。六年級初試啼聲,於教會主曰禮拜司琴,八年級榮 膺學校合唱團的伴奏。渾然天成的音樂敏感度,加上多年的自我琢磨,琴藝的精進,為他贏得多場 重要演出伴奏的機會,包括為華府著名聲樂家抒情女高音陳綠萱博士、花腔女高音邱彥菁,以及次 女高音何玲玲伴奏演出,不卑不亢的歌典演繹,加上臨場的大將之風,頗受好評。目前擔任大華府 台灣合唱團、玲玲聲樂教室與玲玲合唱教室鋼琴伴奏。

Eric (Teng-Kuan) Huang began his piano at the age of three, playing his favorite nursery songs by ear. At four, he began formal piano lessons with Ms. Hsin-Yi Chen, Director of the Neo-Classic Chamber Ensemble, and Dr. Pin-Huey Wang. At the age of 11, Eric served as church pianist for Sunday worship, and, at 8th grade, was elected to accompany the school choir to perform at a music festival. With a talent for musicality and sensitivity to the changing moods of eclectic venues, Eric has been favored by many musicians, singers, and choir directors. He has performed with the renowned Lyric Soprano, Dr. Lucy Chen, Coloratura Soprano, Emma Chiu, and Mezzo Soprano, Lingling Ho. Currently, Eric is the piano accompanist of the Greater Washington Taiwanese-American Chorus (GWTAC), Lingling Vocal Studio, and Lingling Choir Class.


Source from Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Washington 02/2017

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