147. Debbie Lee, Pianist/2015/02

Debbie Lee, Pianist

Debbie LeeDebbie Lee started playing the piano since the age of six. As a child, she enjoyed music as a hobby and would often play songs by ear. In high school, Debbie moved to Dallas, Texas, and started attending recitals and competitions with the encouragement of her new instructor. By the time Debbie was a senior in high school; she had won numerous awards in competitions and earned scholarships to attend University of Houston as a music major.

Debbie started teaching the piano in 2007, and have taught students of all levels and ages. She has a positive and encouraging teaching attitude and is able to accommodate each student’s needs in terms of musical pursuit. Debbie believes that a teacher’s inspiration is essential for a student’s success in music studying.

Debbie is currently living in Plano, Texas and is working as a private piano instructor and accompanist for the Formosa Chorus of Dallas.

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