10. NATMA International Medical Mission 北美洲台灣人醫師協會國際醫療義診

NATMA International Medical Mission



International Medical Mission : The main focus of NATMA Foundation

“International Medical Missions” to Central America and South America- doctors and supporting treatment teams are volunteers of Taiwanese descent residing in U.S.; the group traveled to perform medical and dental treatment and consultations, providing much-needed services for thousands of patients on each trip; these meaningful activities represent the friendship between the Taiwanese/American people and the people of those countries in dire needs.

國際醫療義診是目前NATMA基金會的工作重點。2006年九月組成51人的義診團至巴拿馬醫療,看診病 人達3千多位,2007年2月有64人的義診團至Guatemala瓜地馬拉,看診病人達4千多位。2007年9月 再次前往巴拿馬義診也有團員50人,看診人次高達八千多人,全体團員被巴國第一夫人Vivian Hernandez DeTorriojos邀請共進早餐,NATMA善行極受肯定。

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