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NATPA e-Newsletter March 20th, 2017

Dear NATPA members:

The NATPA e-Newsletter contains mainly important announcements and writings by NATPA members published in news media (or in forum) from the previous week(s).  The Board encourages everyone to share their news and members’ articles in the forum or one can send info to the <> to be included in the weekly e-newsletter.

As G. Keillor like to say at the end of Writer’s Almanac program of NPR, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch”.





NATPA e-Newsletter March 20th, 2017 (PFD file is attached)

※ Announcements:

– Plan of 2017 NATPA Annual Conference at Chicago (Registration form and post conference tours attached)

Dear NATPA folks,

I’m very pleased to announce that our 2017 NATPA Annual Conference at Chicago is ready for you to plan. Please see the attached registration form and information about the three options of post conference tours. This is just for you to review and plan ahead, we will have advertisement flyers with brief introduction to our conference theme  and prospective speakers for your to distribute sometime in early April.

Many thanks to our programming committee:  Li-Lin Cheng, Virginia Shen, Eric Shen. They’ve worked very hard to make all these happened and happening.  I also want to thank our Chicago members and friends. They already contribute a lot to this planning and can’t wait to meet you in August.



Chung-Chih Li


– 2017 NATPA Travel Support Award for Young Scholars (application deadline is April 21st)


Dear Colleagues:

Please help to distribute the announcement (attached), and help to recruit qualified participants for the 2017 program.

In the flyer, we put “To be eligible, applicants must be Taiwanese or Taiwanese American graduate students, recent graduates, or postdoctoral scholars.”  We forgot to include Taiwanese Canadians.


Thank you,

NATPA Young Scholar Program Committee

(CP Yeh, Jeff Hou, PJ Lin)



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